Water Wellness


Our staff are trained and certified at the highest level in the holistic field of warm water therapy, pool-based hydrotherapy and the safe practices of swim exercise. We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of canine aquatic services in our spacious, world-class facility.

We will work together with your veterinarian, behaviourist, rehabilitation or holistic practitioner to aid in promoting optimal physical, emotional and psychological well-being for the life of your dog.


The introductory sessions will be conducted with a lead therapist and will include:

  • gait assessment,

  • physical assessment and

  • an in-depth discussion of your dog’s health condition with notes provided by your veterinarian.

All Water Therapy sessions are private to ensure you and your dog receive the best care we can provide, in the most comfortable and calming environment.


  • bone, joint, spinal pain management – arthritis

  • muscle, soft-tissue pain control

  • senior maintenance

  • weight loss

  • pre and post-surgical conditioning

  • behavior modification - fear, frustration, anxiety, fear of water

  • optimal health maintenance

Assessment session 1 hour $125.00
Subsequent sessions 30 minutes $68.00



Complete our Online Form and register your dog.


Veterinary clearance is required for all dogs attending our facility for hydrotherapy services. With your permission, we will obtain the clearance directly from your veterinarian at no additional cost to you.

Learn to Swim

  • Private and relaxed low stimuli learning environment

  • Builds strength and confidence, improves overall fitness level

  • Reduces risk of injury and veterinary costs

  • Drains mental and physical energy, leaving dogs tired and happy

Introduction session 1 hour $125.00
Subsequent sessions 30 minutes $68.00

We provide canine float coats, clean towels, treats and toys to ensure a positive, fun and safe experience for your dog, and a stress-free, low maintenance experience for you!

Reactive Dog Fetching Swim Program

For those of us who live with a reactive, fearful, anxious or aggressive dog, leashed walks in the outside world can be a pretty 'hair-raising' experience.

“Triggers” such as other dogs, people, skateboards or cats can cause our dogs to become stressed and reactive, raising our own stress levels, and leaving us dreading the daily neighbourhood walk.

We understand that finding secure places to exercise a reactive dog in the outside world is challenging at best, so we developed the Aqua Paws Reactive Dog Swim Program!

These sessions are completely private and your dog can enjoy 3000sq ft of secure, indoor space to run free, and a fetching swim in our huge hydro pool

  • These sessions are available for healthy, injury-free dogs only, who love to swim and fetch in water.

  • Reactive Dog Fetching Swims are BYOT (towels, treats and toys )

  • These sessions are by appointment only, available on weekday evenings between 6:30pm -8:30pm, and Saturdays only.

  • Parents operate the session from the pool ramp, bringing the outdoor fetching swim experience indoors, at a reduced price!

60 minutes Assessment - required for dogs who need to learn how to swim and/or fetch $125.00

30 minutes Assessment - required for dogs who know how to swim and fetch $68.00

30 Minute Follow up sessions - ONLY $59

NOTE: All dogs must complete the assessment to ensure suitability for the Fetching Swim Program. The assessment familiarizes you and your dog to the facility, the pool and how to work safely in and around the pool area.